Construction and assembly of electrical panels in Padua

for industrial plants, water systems, recharging and consumption monitoring


Our company is specialized in designing and creating panels for controlling industrial HVAC systems.


Special water supply requirements can be met effectively by producing panels designed to control water handling systems.

Distribution and automation panels

The new frontier where we are demonstrating our technical expertise and multisectoral capabilities.

Consumption monitoring

Using sensors and measuring instruments, we can implement any strategy of measures required based on the customer’s needs.

Bringing you our quality
built on pure commitment
and the right expertise

Keeping technical and practical skills development on track with training sessions at regular intervals. We actually have independent personnel to assess skill levels, which includes practical tests.

Tulin s.r.l.: twenty years of professionalism in custom panel building

5Production lines
105Active customers
180Completed projects
300Sq m of warehousing

Additional services

Consulting and design

We supply the electrical panel as a turnkey solution tailored to the customer’s requirements. From design to prototype development, production and, where necessary, the product’s industrialization.

Steel fabrication work

Our engineers’ lengthy multisectoral experience thus translates into the ability to interpret, quote, design and build the electrical panel, in full compliance with all code requirements.

Each to their own… panel! Receive more information

Each to their own… panel! Receive more information

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